Yahoo Iberia SL (Spain)

Yahoo! Iberia is the leading Spanish-language online Internet provider for business and public users, offering a range of search, communication and information services. Yahoo! Iberia offers advertisers a large audience combined with the most innovative formats, allowing the development of successful online advertisement campaigns. The main office of Yahoo! Iberia is in Madrid, and it was inaugurated in November 1998. The staff of Yahoo! Iberia includes researchers affiliated to Yahoo! Research, the research branch of Yahoo!. This group of researchers, including the ones participating in this proposal, is part of the Yahoo! Research laboratory in Barcelona hosted by Fundacio Barcelona Media. Yahoo! Iberia currently participates in European Projects, such as SEMEDIA and Living Knowledge.

Yahoo! Iberia is linked to Yahoo! Inc. Founded in 1994 by Stanford Ph.D. students David Filo and Jerry Yang, Yahoo! began as a hobby and has evolved into a leading global brand that has changed the way people communicate with each other, conduct transactions and access, share, and create information. Today, Yahoo! Inc. has become the world's largest global online network of integrated services with more than 500 million users worldwide. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, with a presence in more than 20 markets and regions around the globe.

Yahoo! Inc. provides Internet services to users, advertisers, publishers, and developers worldwide. The company owns and operates online properties and services, and provides its advertising offerings and access to Internet users through its distribution network of third-party entities, as well as offers marketing services to advertisers and publishers. Its Front Doors offerings include Yahoo! Front Page, My Yahoo!, and Yahoo! Toolbar; Communities offerings consist of Yahoo! Groups, Yahoo! Answers, and Flickr to organize into groups and share knowledge and photos; and Search products comprise Yahoo! Search, Yahoo! Local, Yahoo! Yellow Pages, and Yahoo! Maps to navigate through the Internet and search for information. It also offers Communications offerings comprising Yahoo! Mail, Zimbra Mail, and Yahoo! Messenger that provide communication services to users and small businesses through its broadband Internet access partners.

Key personnel

Flavio Junqueira, PhD holds a PhD degree in Computer Science from University of California, San Diego (2006), and MSc degree in Electrical Engineering from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (1999). He is currently a research scientist with Yahoo! Research in Barcelona, and his research interests include distributed computing, fault tolerance, operating systems, large-scale data processing, and information retrieval systems. He is an active contributor to open-source projects and a committer for the ZooKeeper Apache Software Foundation project. He has received a number of awards and fellowships, including the best dissertation award from the CS Department of UCSD in 2006 for his PhD dissertation work on dependent failure models, a nomination to the ACM PhD dissertation award with the same work, a distinguished mention for his Europar'05 paper, and a Wooley fellowship to pursue a PhD degree. He has published papers in venues such as the USENIX OSDI Symposium, the USENIX Annual Tech Conference, and the ACM SIGIR conference. He has served as a program committee member of relevant conferences, including IFIP/IEEE DSN-DCCS, IEEE ICDCS, ACM WSDM, and EDCC, and refereed for journals such as the Distributed Computing Journal and IEEE Transactions on Networking. He is a member the USENIX and the ACM associations.