Technische Universität Dresden (Germany)

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The Technische Universität Dresden has a long and distinguished tradition of teaching and research. Founded in 1828, Technische Universität Dresden (TUD) is a full-scale university with 14 faculties, covering a wide range of fields in science and engineering, humanities, social sciences and medicine. The TU Dresden has about 35.000 students and almost 4.200 permanent employees (excepting the Faculty of Medicine), 419 professors among them, and, thus, is the largest university in Saxony, today. The computer science department of TU Dresden is a relatively large department - both in size of students and faculty. The department has currently 24 professors, 3 lecturers (“Dozenten”) and 146 PostDocs and PhD students. There are about 1774 diploma students, 146 bachelor students, and 128 Master students. Some of the top German computer scientists are working in the department.

The Systems Engineering group, lead by Prof. Fetzer, is part of the computer science faculty of TU Dresden. It was established in April 2004 and funded by an endowment by the Heinz-Nixdorf foundation. The group focuses on several issues in dependable and distributed systems: (i) dependability, (ii) stream processing, (iii) software transactional memory, and (iv) automatic parallelization.

Key personnel

Prof. Christof Fetzer has received his diploma in computer science from the University of Kaiserlautern, Germany (Dec. 1992) and his Ph.D. from UC San Diego (March 1997). As a student he received a two-year scholarship from the DAAD and won two best student paper awards (SRDS and DSN). He was a finalist of the 1998 Council of Graduate Schools/UMI distinguished dissertation award and won a IEE mather premium in 1999. Dr. Fetzer joined AT&T Labs-Research in August 1999 and has been a principal member of technical staff until March 2004. Since April 2004 he has an endowed chair (Heinz-Nixdorf endowment) in Systems Engineering in the Computer Science Department at TU Dresden. He is the chair of the Computational Engineering International Masters Program at the Computer Science Department. Prof. Dr. Fetzer has published over 80 research papers in the field of dependable distributed systems and has been member of more than 40 program committees.