The SRT-15 Research Project

The objective of the SRT-15 research project is to bridge the gap between cloud infrastructures and enterprise services by building a distributed service platform. For that purpose, SRT-15 relies on four key enabling technologies: content-based routing, complex event processing, dependability and data privacy. The unique combination of these concepts allows the SRT-15 platform to scale across public and private clouds and thus enable reliable and dynamic interaction between various enterprise applications.

SRT-15 uses cutting-edge technology and algorithms to connect, filter and aggregate data exchanged between users, services and applications in a flexible and timely manner. Moreover, by providing an open and re-usable abstraction for accessing the resources of different public and private cloud infrastructures, SRT-15 will allow for easier and more cost-effective adoption of the on-demand model.

The approach of SRT-15 will be verified by a large-scale proof of concept driven by the industrial partners within SRT-15 consortium. Use cases provided by the industrial partners will demonstrate the applicability of the SRT-15 contributions, provisioning for the current needs of businesses with respect to application and service interaction.

The SRT-15 research project is executed by five partners: SAP AG (Germany), TU Dresden (Germany), Epsilon S.R.L. (Italy), Yahoo Iberia SL (Spain), and the University of Neuchâtel (Switzerland). The SRT-15 research project will run for 30 months, starting Oct. 1st, 2010. Please, bookmark this page to stay informed about project updates.

The SRT-15 research project is funded by the European Commission within the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) under the Grant Agreement number 257843 in the area of Internet of Services, Software & Virtualisation (ICT-2009.1.2).